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Summer of Salvia: Permanent Price Drop

Good news: The Kindle edition of my book, Summer of Salvia, is now a little more affordable.

After the Christmas holiday, I lowered the price of the Kindle edition from $9.99 to $5.99. The price drop is permanent. I wanted to make the book a bit more accessible to people interested in learning more about Salvia divinorum.

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Summer of Salvia is enlightening, powerful, and compelling — a ‘must read’ for anyone seeking more than just a memoir of hallucinogenic drug use, but a probe of how chemicals can alter perceptions of reality itself and can last far beyond initial use.” — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“A very important book that it’s about time someone got to writing … A fun read and it brought back a lot of my own memories about smoking salvia several times during that cultural ‘moment’ and validated my intuition that it did truly mean something.” — Oscar, review, 5/5 stars

“This book is truly a masterpiece … It’s a must-read, not just for so-called psychonauts, but for anyone that believes that they know who they are, and that reality is static and can be grasped through our narrow field of perception.” — Anonymous review, 5/5 stars

“Summer of Salvia is a must read for anyone who has ever asked the question, ‘What is reality?’” — Nick, review, 5/5 stars

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