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7 Crazy YouTube Videos of People Tripping on Salvia Divinorum

Search for ‘Salvia divinorum’ online, and you’re bound to find a plethora of videos depicting people tripping out on Salvia. Here are 7 of the craziest, weirdest or most infamous Salvia divinorum videos for your viewing pleasure, including Miley Cyrus’ infamous video of her smoking what is supposedly Salvia dinvorum out of a bong.

1. ‘Funniest Salvia Trip.’

Though I don’t really consider tripping on Salvia divinorum to be a laughing matter, one of the common threads among Salvia YouTube videos is that teens think it’s hilarious to see their friends hallucinating on it.

2. Salvia Divinorum 120x

Salvia divinorum extract of 120x is pretty strong.

3. Salvia Divinorum ‘Freakout’

It’s not difficult to freak out while under the effects of Salvia divinorum, as evidenced by this YouTube video.

4. ‘Best’ Salvia Trip

I’m not sure how you measure how “good” a Salvia trip is, but the creators of this YouTube video claim that it’s the “best ever.” Judge for yourself.

5. Salvia Trip ‘Gone Wrong’

If you’re not taking Salvia divinorum to seek some kind of spiritual enlightenment, there’s probably a pretty good chance that your trip is going to “go wrong,” as demonstrated in this video.

6. ‘Weirdest’ Salvia Trip

In my opinion, Salvia trips are by definition weird … but I’ll let you judge whether this one is truly the “weirdest” of the weird.

7. Miley Cyrus’ Salvia Bong Video

I saved the best — or at least, the most infamous — for last. This is the video of Miley Cyrus, formerly known as Hanna Montana, smoking Salvia divinorum out of a bong and beginning her descent from family-friendly Disney Channel star to sex-fueled pop star. TMZ obtained the video and publicized it far and wide. It’s an episode I talk about in my book, Summer of Salvia, because Cyrus’s use of Salvia got the drug more media attention than it has probably ever had.

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