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I released a new book – and it’s FREE!

I came out with a new book. The best part? You can get it absolutely free. 

My first book, Summer of Salvia, is all about Salvia divinorum, the most powerful naturally-occurring hallucinogen known to man. Much of the book dealt with the philosophical implications behind salvia. People who use salvia have remarkably similar experiences on it, and Summer of Salvia examines what those experiences mean.

But my new book, Armchair Philosophy: An Accidental Shaman’s Musings on Life, Reality and Consciousness, takes these idea a step further, offering up my own interpretations of them.

The book is divided into six questions that I think kind of sum up the human experience. They are:

Question 1: Is reality an illusion?

Question 2: Do I exist?

Question 3: Are we all one consciousness?

Question 4: Do our lives repeat?

Question 5: Is time fixed or fluid?

Question 6: Does anything even matter?

Those are six questions that are extremely difficult to answer, but I do my best. Though, as I state in the book, I come away with more questions than answers, but there is one common theory I use to explore the answers: The notion that we may be living in some kind of cosmic video game … like The Sims on crack.

So how can you get the book for free? Just sign up for my new email newsletter. Not only will I give you a free copy of the book, I’ll also send you the latest articles from, and I’ll give you a heads up on deals on my books (including my first book, Summer Of Salvia). I’m already working on another book, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be the first to find out how you can get it for FREE!

So if you’re interested in the intersection between hallucinogens like salvia and the philosophy behind our very existence, sign up below to get a free copy of Armchair Philosophy:

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