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Introducing the Cover for ‘Summer of Salvia,’ a Book on Salvia Divinorum – Out Sept. 1

I have exciting news! (Exciting to me, anyway). Here’s the cover for my book, Summer of Salvia: Exploring Nature’s Most Powerful Hallucinogen and the Fabric of Existence. It comes out Sept. 1 in hardcover and ebook (with the ebook edition only available at Amazon initially, with other online retailers to follow in coming months).

Cover for Summer of Salvia by Jason Cole

Special thanks to Amygdala Design, which designed the book.

Writing About Salvia Divinorum

This book has been a long time coming. I first started writing it sometime around 2009 or 2010 … I forget exactly. Things kept coming up and I always kind of set the book to the side and forgot about it. A couple of months ago, I decided it was now over never. I needed to finish this book and get it published, whether it was perfect or not.

And, I did it! Summer of Salvia will be available on Sept. 1 and on that day only, the Kindle edition will be on sale for just $.99. I’ll be sure to post an announcement when the book is actually released, but if you want to be sure you remember to get it at this great price, mark it on your calendar.

And if you end up reading the book, please remember to leave a review — whether you love it, hate it, or it just leaves you going, “Meh.” You’ll not only be helping me with valuable feedback, you’ll also be helping other potential customers decide whether the book is right for them.

Anyway, thanks for your interest … and hopefully you’ll check the book out on Sept. 1!

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