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Introducing the New ‘Summer of Salvia’ YouTube Channel

If you’re more inclined to watch information rather than read it, I’ve got some good news for you. (Although you should really learn to enjoy reading every once in awhile!)

Summer of Salvia now has its own YouTube channel, which will feature a variety of videos on Salvia divinorum and related philosophical or scientific concepts in the coming weeks.

You can check out the first video, called, “What is Salvia Divinorum” (based on this post) here:

These videos are also being posted on the Summer Of Salvia Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

When one reads about Salvia divinorum YouTube videos, you probably immediately think of exploitative videos of giggling or horror-stricken teenagers tripping out on Salvia. That’s not the kind of thing you’ll see on my YouTube channel. The channel is devoted to informative videos. That includes videos offering general information on Salvia (like the one above), ones examining ideas in popular culture that relate to Salvia divinorum, and more. If you have ideas for videos, be sure to drop me a line. If you have any feedback, whether it’s good or bad, I’d love to hear that too.

Many of the videos are taken in part from portions of my book, Summer Of Salvia, which you can check out on Amazon. The book is part autobiography, part investigation, but what I really intended it to be is a summary of the mind-blowing experiences people have on Salvia. I find it incredible that so few people realize how powerful this drug is, and how profound its effects are.

Hopefully, through my book, this website, and my new YouTube channel, more people will realize how powerful and profound Salvia divinorum really is.

Oh yeah: Please be sure to check out the new channel here, and be sure to hit that big red “subscribe” button to keep up new videos as they come in! Thanks, and happy watching!

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