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Is the Movie ‘Sausage Party’ a Metaphor for Salvia Divinorum?

So there’s movie called Sausage Party. It’s a raunchy, adult cartoon satirizing such children’s films as Toy Story and The Secret Life of Pets. And some people say it’s also got a lot to say about Salvia divinorum, if you look past the gross-out humor and talking hot dogs.

But does this theory hold water?

Sausage Party as a Salvia Metaphor

The movie takes place mostly inside a grocery store and explores the lives of anthropomorphic food items that think they’re being whisked away to some kind of sublime heaven when grocery shoppers take them home. It’s only later that they realize the sinister truth: They’re being taken away … to be eaten! Dun dun dun!

Here’s the trailer for the film, which gives you a better idea of what I’m talking about:

I can’t remember precisely where I first heard this theory that Sausage Party was a metaphor for Salvia, but it actually makes a lot of sense. The food in the film are living a blissfully ignorant life, completely unaware of the true purpose of their existence. That’s very similar to what my life was like before I did Salvia.

Once the food items learn the truth about their existence, they go through a bit of an existential crisis, to put it mildly. Everything they thought they knew turned out to be a lie, and as their belief system crumbles, they discover a truth more terrifying and sinister than they ever could have imagined.

The same thing happened to me on Salvia. When I took Salvia, it seemed to reveal that I was simply a cog in a vast cosmic machine, and that my existence was essentially meaningless. Similarly, the food in Sausage Party realized that they were literally created just to be eaten, to help fuel the lives of higher beings (humans).

The Internet’s Verdict

Like I said earlier, I can’t remember exactly where I first stumbled across this theory. But it may have been a Reddit post by a user named fuckspezintheass, who says:

Even up until the end of Sausage Party where they realize they are actually cartoons made for our pleasure, and they are about to go into a portal into our world. Everything about the movie made my hairs stand up and I really wanted to smoke some. I will attempt to smoke Salvia while watching Sausage Party if I muster up the courage…

They wrote that they had strange deja vu sensations while watching the movie (which is also notable. I talk quite a bit in my book about how I had severe deja vu episodes several times after smoking Salvia). At least two other redditors responded to fuckspezintheass’s post saying they also felt eerie connections to Salvia while watching the movie.

On the forum site, a user named impaired420 wrote about Sausage Party in relation to a drug with effects similar to Salvia’s, DMT:

I smoked the dmt and essentially taken to what felt like a intergalatic pet smart or grocery store… entites carried me into the doors as other entities walked in and out this building. We get inside and everything looks like the movie sausage party, really animated and such with CGI, and it feels like I’m inside a hotdog bun package of something, like Theres a plastic shrouding over my vision.

Though impaired420’s experience was a more literal connection to Sausage Party, that was probably affected by their having recently seen the movie or something, I find it significant that more than one person is making the connection that the general theme of this silly movie is saying something important about the illusory nature of our reality as revealed by drugs like Salvia and DMT.

So is the film a metaphor for the Salvia divinorum experience? I doubt it. But if our reality truly is an illusion, or some kind of simulation or construct, then I imagine it might be filled with Easter Eggs here and there, planted by its creators. Maybe they even have some influence on the popular media we consume. Then again, maybe it says more about the human condition and our subconscious realization that everything isn’t what it seems. I’ll be exploring many other films, TV shows and other popular media that appear to have strange connections to Salvia divinorum in the weeks ahead.

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